It has to do with loyalty, reliability, and respect. These exist between a man and the barber who cuts his hair—stylist, hair guy, guru.

A man entrusts his barber to tend the facial nethers with a purposeful rhythm—efficient and deliberate—knowing what’s right, and carefully attending to the business at hand, often without comment. His knowledge and advice as steady and reliable as his craft. A man’s hair is a partnership—the right person—indispensable.

Introducing the team of barbering professionals behind The Esquire Grooming Collection—master trained barbers and barber shop owners chosen for their decades of experience, global insights, and particular deftness at all things grooming.

Masters of the latest barbering trends and techniques from around the world, they spearhead the innovation behind styling and grooming technology so that we—both barber and everyday man—remain at our best. With confidence.

Patrick Kalle

Artistic Director

Maurice Den Exter

Executive Barber

Joost Mulleman

Executive Barber

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